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A user represents an individual with access to all cases that belongs to the same institute(s) that the user does. From the main menu in scout one can access a users page that displays all existing users in the scout instance and ranks them based on how many actions they have performed.

Create a user

Users are created through the CLI with command scout load user, please se the --help argument for more information. Email is used as user identification, a user can be admin which means that they have access to all institutes in the instance.


>scout load user --user-mail --admin --institute-id cust000 --user-name "John Doe"

A user can also have access to multiple institutes without being admin.


>scout load user -m -i cust000 -i cust001 -u "John Doe"

Delete a user

Users can be deleted from the CLI.


>scout delete user --mail

Update a user

It is possible to update existing users from the command line. It is possible to add or remove admin rights and to add or remove access to institutes.


Give admin rights

>scout update user -u --update-role admin

Remove admin rights

>scout update user -u --remove-admin

Add access to institutes

Institutes has to exist in database

>scout update user -u --add-institute cust003 --add-institute cust004

Remove access from institutes

>scout update user -u --remove-institute cust001 --remove-institute cust002