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Whats new in 4.0?

What's new in 4.0.0? 🍁

Posted: 15 June 2018

This major update includes the following highlights:

New features

  • Finally!! There will always be a downloadable case report available at case page (great stuff @northwestwitch)🦄

Case report

  • Scout now uploads ALL variants from the mitochondrial chromosome (MT) - independently of rank score both for clinical and research variants

  • Filter on spidex levels are now available

  • Filter on chromosome is possible, mainly to get easy access to MT variants

  • It is possible to produce a clinvar submission files from the case page that could be used to submit variants to clinvar

  • All existing HPO terms now lives in scout. They should also be presented in a more relevant order when searched for

  • Users can choose how many cases that should be displayed on case page (thanks @dnil 🐝)


  • Clinvar annotations are back!
  • Compound links will work when all compounds are uploaded for a region
  • Sanger order can be removed
  • Polyphen annotation is back

There are many more things that has been worked on "under the hood", we hope that you will have a better experience with Scout.