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Whats new in 3.5?

What's new in 3.5? 🍁

Posted: 13 Nov 2017

The November update includes the following highlights:

New features

  • You can now add an entirely NEW gene panel directly from Scout 🆕

New gene panel

  • Scout now uploads ALL variants on the mitochondrial chromosome (MT) - independently of rank score

  • Improvements to SV variant view:

  • New frequencies: ClinGen CGH and Decipher
  • Callers are displayed under GT call table
  • You can now tag (variant tag) and comment on SV variants
  • Gene panels now are now displayed
  • "n.d." (Not Determined) is now displayed when the variant length is unknown

  • We now report if you filtered for a gene in the clinical list which isn't part of any gene panel

Clinical list check


  • Versions of transcripts are now kept for "disease causing transcripts" in the panels
  • Ensembl transcript will now display in overview if no RefSeq transcript exists
  • You can now reset the variant tag
  • You can now filter variants on both HGNC ID and symbol
  • We fixed an issue related to showing matching causative variants for a case
  • Filtering on local observations will now include variant without any such annotations